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jesol177FIDAL SERVIZI is a utility company established in 2008 by FIDAL, the Italian Athletics Federation, with the aim of providing quality services for the sports industry. Fidal Servizi is a Limited Liability company and has FIDAL as its unique associate. The structure consists of about 50 operators deployed all across Italy. Over the years, we specialized in IT services for sports events, domestic and international event organization and travel services to attend sporting events. As far as athletics (T&F) is concerned, Fidal servizi can also provide Technical Competition Management services as well as training courses for volunteers.

Fidal Servizi is also SYSTEM INTEGRATOR and therefore is able to provide multidisciplinary platforms “ad hoc” for specific sport events management. Moreover, our R&D team can develop innovative technologies able to meet all the needs of the ever-changing sporting events world.

Over the recent years Fidal servizi has expanded its expertise thanks to new professionals and can now offer additional services such as On Line membership database, websites development, electronic polls, even outside the “sport management system”.


The Team:

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CEO/Sole Administrator:

Luigi D’Onofrio / +393339720158


Administrative office (
- Davide Dionisi (
- Valentina Cipolletta (


Travel Management
- Simona Mancini ( - +393771783002
- Roberta Montagnani ( - +393466066264

Events Management
- Enrico Benes (
- Alberto Villa (

On line Helpdesk ( - (n. verde 800600812)
- Francesco Romani (

Warehouse Management
Francesca Silvaggi (

Communication and Special Projects
- Simona Pianizzola (
- Diego Cacchiarelli (