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Tesseramento On line

Based on an Open Source – Web Oriented platform, Fidal Servizi has developed an interesting   on-line membership software. This user-friendly tool simplifies membership procedures for any kind of event.

Specifically developed for sporting events the system has already been tried and tested over several years. You can log in through any web browser via URL and define access profiles according to your specific requirements.

The software manages affiliation and re-affiliation for the clubs, memberships and renewal for all the member’s categories (athletes, officials, coaches, medics) with or without attached photos, depending on specific needs.

The software is already set for the data export to the CONI database (Italian National Olympic Committee) and is prepared to generate the files for printing the membership cards (either the standard ones, or  those working with radio frequency microchip).

A set of printouts with customized statistics allow the user to run further analysis for data management and processing purposes.

The system architecture allows on-line data management without the need to re-align archives.

Dedicated servers ensure data security while daily backups prevent any data being lost in the event of any technical faults occurring in the system.

Each club receives a password allowing its members, in complete autonomy, to manage affiliation, re-affiliation, memberships and renewals with the guarantee that the system will comply with all the Federation’s regulations.

Moreover, there is the opportunity to handle particular cases, such as athlete loans or transfers and initial membership of foreign athletes in accordance with the latest rules. System tools allow Clubs to monitor their Members’ status.

Finally, Fidal Servizi offers assistance services such as Training for new users and on-line Help Desk easily accessible by email or free phone.


FIDAL (Italian Athletics Federation)
- FISDIR (Italian Federation of Sports with Mental and Relational Disabilities)
- CIP (Italian Paralympic Committee)
- FINP (Italian federation of Paralympic Swimming)
- FIPIC (Italian federation of Wheelchair Basket)
- FISPIC (Italian federation of Paralympic Sports for Visually Impaired)
- FISPES (Italian federation of Paralympic and Experimental Sports)