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The system is based on a laptop network that elaborates all the voting operations. The software has been developed using Open Source technologies (PhP, Mysql and Apache as server application).

The main components of the system are as follows:

- Rfid card
- Voting location
- Server with dedicated software

The card, which can be personalised, contains a passive Rfid chip with a working frequency of 13,56 MHz and a 2Kb re-writable memory bank. This technology allows an easy, fast and safe reading of the polling results.

The polling station is composed of an all in one PC with touch screen monitor, an Rfid reader and a printer. The number of polling stations is proportional to the number of voters.

The server is the heart of the system; the software allows the voting operation management throughout the process.

The application is able to project the poll results in real time. The pages’ aspect can be customized and the system adapted according to client requirements (i.e. different voting operations or different voting values to the cards).